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        Ultra-low water absorption, slip stain better
        Ultra-low water absorption so that "RONGDA" a new generation of antique brick effective against a variety of stains and dirt penetration, slip stain better performance.
        Dense texture inside and out
        Compared with natural stone, "Rongda" a new generation of antique brick excellent material choice calcination temperature, surface and solid body are linked closely together, more seamless, product strength, bending, break-resistant, high wear resistance, in all kinds of occasions can keep using what they seem, lasting for years.
        Textures constitute clever, Magic Millions
        Compared to a simple ordinary antique bricks, "Rongda" a new generation of antique tiles on the surface texture Magic and more flexible, with a natural stone-like and natural charm and talent, rich texture change order "RONGDA" a new generation of antique brick in any workplace harmony Stones have clever combinations.
        Superhard materials, scratch crack
        Natural stone loose structure, internal integration of substance is not strong, "Rongda" a new generation of antique tiles are formed in high-temperature sintering of fine grain grid structure, with superior hardness, scratch crack, constant quality.
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