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        How do you want to tile the bathroom renovation

        Date:2015-02-06 10:37:24

        The new norm of the ceramic tile industry: high-end tile brand, brand concentration is increasing; low-end products more brutal price war; fine decorated rooms become mainstream, the rising proportion of the Channel; the whole space solution, the overall home concept is widely accepted; sinking three sales channels, four-line market, the proportion of the rural market continues to expand; does not sell and promote various forms of promotional endless promotional become the norm.
        Foshan Oceano Ceramics Co., Ltd., Baojie Jun:
        The so-called "New Age" refers to the development of ceramic industry has entered the digital age. Recalling the development of China's ceramic, 1980s mechanization, automation in the 1990s, beginning in 2000 information technology, two years ago we entered the digital industry, especially in the inkjet devices represented, this growth rate was tempting amazing.
        Inkjet device as a digital product, it is widely used. I had a lot to do with the inkjet device professionals to communicate, ask "whether the future inkjet machine can connect to the Internet, so you can print anywhere in the world to achieve a piece of graph inkjet." And in fact, can be replaced with digital equipment in the future shaping and sorting, packaging, logistics. So again the future will bring us into the digital intelligence from automation.

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