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        China Building Materials Co., Ltd. Nanan Rongda (Quanzhou Rongda Ceramics Co., Ltd.) is located in the hometown of national hero Zheng Chenggong - Ishii Town, Nanan City, is a designer, manufacturer of advanced whole body porcelain tile, use inkjet technology into 3D simulation of the wall, the large size antique floor tiles, wood blocks standardization, international, modern building ceramics production enterprises. Companies know that technological innovation is the ultimate path of enterprise development, has first-class R & D center, design center and production base, depending on the product quality as the fundamental survival, while in line with market demand, continue to introduce the most advanced professional tile production line R & D and production facilities. Belief in the wisdom of "RONGDA" will acquainted ceramic craftsmanship and the world's most advanced ceramic mechanical technology, as well as the era of tactile perfect fusion of classic design from "RONGDA" brand tiles, leading the continued pursuit of winning Chinese ceramic industry development and design of stylish and innovative.
             Our products are in strict accordance with domestic and international standards of production testing, first passed ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification and national 3C certification, each process indicators have been set up to monitor the quality of the digital control points, advanced technology and strict management makes "RONGDA "brand tile outstanding quality, the company has won the" national Inspection-free products, China famous Brand, China's ceramic industry brand, top 300 private enterprises in Fujian Province, Fujian Famous Brand, Fujian Province, Fujian Province Credible enterprise, Fujian well-known and famous enterprises Province, Fujian Province, construction material suppliers, and technology enterprises in Fujian Province, Quanzhou A-class tax credit business, Quanzhou enterprise Technology Center, Quanzhou IPR pilot units "honorary title. Products with low water absorption, frost resistance, anti-extreme pressure, abrasion, acid, color, beautiful, elegant style, variety, tricks and so on. Fine texture, natural color, affordable price, so that the "Rongda" brand tiles unanimously favored by the majority of consumers.
             Companies with "integrity, and the Association, pioneering and innovative" business philosophy to establish a corporate image, and always adhere to the path of technological innovation and market exploration of combining the road, guided by the market, technology, technology for market development. After years of continuous improvement, while continuing to operate and expand, so far Rongda major cities in the country to set up sales service points, continue to improve the sales network, and actively communicate with customers, customer satisfaction, technical innovation has always enjoyed "Rongda" quality service, currently RONGDA tiles are efforts to build a domestic tile products brand.
             As modern urban architecture and urban landscape decoration improvements by Victor Apps - to create more space for the tireless efforts of outstanding beauty. With "Rongda" brand tiles, paving the good life, enjoy pure art space, feel the profound Chinese five thousand ceramic culture!

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